Caption Contest: Face Down

face down

Caption contest of the week… Face Down
December 10, 2009
“It may or may not be a coincidence that this picture is used for our caption contest the week after our Employee Appreciation party ;-)” – DSC


“I was making carpet angels ;)” – Gary B


“If you turn your head to the right it looks like he is counting for hide-n-go-seek on a carpeted wall.” – Richard B


“That wall was moving pretty fast.” – Gary B


“I know I lost my contact in here somewhere!” – Dave P


“Gary talked so much he got lightheaded and passed out.” – Dave P


“Another great Alcohol Appreciation Day.” – Richard B


“Doesn’t look like Gary’s appreciating it in this photo!” – DSC


“Quit crying Gary…The guys said they were sorry for telling you that Rudolf was sick and couldn’t help Santa this year…
He’s ok, I promise…Gary…Gary…man you have really gotta man up and get over it…..Get up Dude!!!” – Kevin L


“I’m not crying…I’m carpet munching!” – Gary B


“I love the smell of new carpet in the morning” – Dave P


“Ill get up when the room stops spinning” – Dave P


“Gary needed more fibers in his diet.” – Chris B


“Mecca is the other direction, Infidel!” – Chris B


“so that’s why everyone was calling me carpet face!” – Robert S


“1. Drill…check 2. Hot new downstairs neighbor…check.” – Chris B


“mmmmmmmmm…..carpet” – Robert S


“Ironically, Gary was wearing a Tap Out shirt.” – Richard B


“The snozberries taste like snozberries!” – Richard B


“Cause I got friends in low places, Where the Whiskey drowns, And the Beer chases my blues away, But I’ll be okay” – Chris B


“A face only a carpet could love” – Chris B


“I love carpet!” – Gary B


“someone likes fabreeze” – Lisa Marie B


“I wanted the chocolate brown” – Debra B


“This is Gary when he does not sell enough camera in a week. He cries all the way to the bank.” – Dawn Tolas B


Congratulations Chris! You won the “Face Down” contest! I have a Jackson here with your name on it (ok, so Andrew Jackson’s name is on it but you get the idea).

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