Caption Contest: Electric Chair

electric chair

Caption contest of the week… Electric Chair
January 20, 2010

“Rob’s final request before he dies… a Bud Light!”

Richard B
“Rob’s execution was sponsored by Miller Lite. They gave him a beer then flipped the Miller Lite Switch™.”

Clint F
“hic-cup” “I shought Rogaine was a shtopical sholution… not a shhock therapy!” “hic-cup” “Shomebody help me get thish… “hic-cup” Can I finish my beer? “hic-cup” … thing on.” “hic-cup” “Can I finish my.. hey I shaid that already” “hic-cup” “Hey man… ish thish thing on?”

Gary B
“Thats not an electric chair… Thats how we steal the information from our employees brain. shhhhh!”

Chris B
“After that many signatures made it onto the wall sized petition the Governer had no choice but to put him down.”

Gary B
“Wow Rob, you’ve only been married a year and you already chose the chair!”

Maureen P
“Rob, lead guitarist for the ‘DSC Black Sabbath Iron Maidens’, gets his creative juices flowing.”

Chris B
“Luckily, no one called his bluff when he said “Give me beer or give me death”.

Discount Security Cameras
“Kudos Rich! You won the “Electric Chair” contest! $20 is on its way to as we speak :-)”

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