Top 5 Reasons To Consider A Security Camera System For Your Business

1. As a deterrent

Someone is much less likely to try to break the law, lie, or steal from you if they know they are under video surveillance.  This goes for your customers as well as your vendors and employees. People are much more likely to be on their very best behavior when they know their actions are being recorded. Your employees are more likely to be on time and to follow all of the company’s safety precautions for example.

2. For evidence in case something does happen

There is no better evidence in court than good quality surveillance video (make sure your DVR is set up for date and time stamping) to help prosecute or defend a case.  Many businesses and homeowner communities are setting up cameras to record license plates as they enter and exit the property.  This type of video evidence is used all the time in the courts.

These days business owners are using their surveillance video more often to protect themselves from liability than against crime.  Video surveillance can prove that safety precautions were taken and policies were followed, or not. Recently we had a customer who had a terrible fire at his warehouse. Several camera views of the event were provided to his insurance agent helping to speed up his claim and quickly get him a check to begin rebuilding.

3. To help resolve questions or conflicts

Being able to playback recorded video on your security camera system can help resolve all kinds of issues. For example, we recently had a customer complain because he said he was at our door at 8:30am when the shop should have been open but no one came to the door. We were able to look back at the video and see that the customer was actually at our door at 8:10am and left just a couple minutes later (before our 8:30 opening time). Another example is when a package or tool goes missing – you can view the video and find out who walked off with it. Being able to playback video has helped us on many occasions avoid the “he said, she said” situation and get to the truth of the matter.

4. Affordability & Availability

Good quality security camera systems are much more affordable these days than they used to be. In the past a business owner would have to choose between a quality system and an affordable system but no more. Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and cameras are much better quality than they were 5 years ago and at a fraction of the cost. Video and audio files tend to be very large but data storage and high-speed bandwidth is readily available and affordable now.  And portable devices such as IPhones and BlackBerrys provide access to the security camera system like never before.

5. Peace of mind

As a business owner myself I can attest that nothing beats the peace of mind that you get from being able to view your business when you’re away from your office. This is especially true on those occasions when you get that dreaded call in the middle of the night that there is an alarm going off at your business. Almost always these are false alarms and this is easy to verify by viewing your camera system remotely. Not only can this protect your peace of mind but it can also save you a trip to the office in the middle of the night!  Often times it’s not so much what you see on your remote surveillance that matters as much as what you don’t see; the building is not on fire, thieves are not packing everything you own into the back of trucks, and your employees are not sleeping on the floor of your conference room because they lost their apartment. When you can view your business remotely and see that everything is as it should be, it’s a lot easier to relax and enjoy your precious time away.

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