Wireless Cameras Need Wires For Power

At least once a day I have someone ask about wireless cameras. What people are looking for is a solution that allows them to open the box, mount the camera, turn it on, and watch it on their TV. This is, unfortunately, not a reality for our current technology, at least not at a reasonable cost.

The stumbling block is almost always power. A “wireless” security camera transmits video wirelessly from a transmitter (built into the camera) to a receiver (a DVR or monitor). However, wireless security cameras still need wires for power. Batteries cannot provide the power needed to sustain a camera and transmitter for more than a day or two.

Where wireless cameras do work well are situations where there is 110vac available at the camera, and at the DVR (or monitor), but no way to run video cable from the camera to the DVR. This way the wireless camera can use a transformer powered locally to provide power to the camera and transmitter. And the video signal can be sent “wirelessly” from the camera to the DVR.

For more information check out our Wireless Security Camera FAQ.

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