A DVR In Your Car?

A DVR In Your Car?

Surveillance cameras are everywhere these days. Anywhere there is a need to protect something valuable or someone's safety there is often times a camera. Why should your vehicle be any different? One of the most valuable things a person can own is their vehicle. The people you care most about likely occupy the passenger seats in that vehicle. While a recording won't stop an incident from occurring, it will be there as a witness just in case the unpredictable does occur.

Now I don't know if you are looking to film your own episode of taxi cab confessions, you want evidence in case of a car accident, or you just want a security camera for your vehicle. Whatever the reason, the DCARDVR is a camera that will record audio and video onto the stable media of an SD card. It is a small window mounted camera that has the approximate dimensions of a roll of quarters. It works great in personal vehicles, taxis, buses, and limos.

Since we have been selling the DCARDVR here are the questions that come up most often:

Does it record even when the car is turned off?

This depends on how your cigarette lighter works in your vehicle. Many vehicles have power on the cigarette light at all times. Others only work when the ignition is in the accessory or on position. It easy to tell how your works by plugging a device in while the car is off and check to see if it has power.

If this will record when the car is turned off, will it run the battery down?

We have tested it here at DSC for as many as 3 days with the camera running and have had no problems starting the vehicle.

Will it record in low lighting at night? For example: if the vehicle is parked under a street lamp?

The camera in this unit is a CCD camera that offers low light compensation. In total darkness it will not work but with some ambient light it will work fine.

Will it record in the inside of my car as well as the outside?

The unit will record inside and outside but not at the same time. It is designed to be mounted inside the vehicle and faced into the direction you want to record. It is not a weatherproof camera so it must be located within the vehicle. It has a field of view of about 90 degrees. That gives it the ability to see one general direction at a time. (Front, Back, Left, Right, Inside). Because the camera records audio as well as video, it is an excellent option for recording inside the vehicle as well as out. See the video demo below to get an real-life feel for the angle of view.
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