Caption Contest: Gary & Gator

gary and gator

Caption contest for the week of January 29, 2011… Gary & Gator

“If that chair could talk, it would be saying “No means no!!!” – Josh M

“Where’s my sexy love chair?” – Chris B

“To be the chair or to sit in the chair, that is the question.” – Chris B

“What’d they put in this chair… concrete?!” – DSC

“Ooh baby your skin so soft. I just wanna rub you down all night long.” – Wayne G

“If the chair didn’t want that kind of attention it shouldn’t be dressed like a hooker.” – Chris B

“The amount of blackmail gary has on everyone is amazing…” – Jeff H

“He bro what are you doing! This isn’t the chick in the red dress. She over there!” – Wayne G

“One Tequila…..Two Tequila…..Three Tequila…..FLOOR……MAN DOWN!!! I think Gary is in shock!” – Margaret B

“Gary: Watch out you wimp, I got this.” – Melissa C

“red chairs make me so hot!” – Dave P

“come on…just one lil kiss…” – Margaret B

“Leonard’s wife lost so much weight… if you turn her sideways you can’t see her anymore!” – DSC

“Oooo. this looks so much like a suit I had in the 70s. Looked so fine with my 4″ platform boots…” – Cathy P

“wowieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baby got me backing up!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Leonard W

“Leonard could not resist the impulse to leave his initials on the back of the chair.” – Robert S

“I dont think that was his initials he was leaving!!!” – Melissa C

“After breaking the chair, all Gary could do was observe and pray that the famous faith healer “Deacon shiny top” could heal the broken leg on the lovely three hundred year old chair that was the prized possesion of the Captain. The last time that Gary was seen, he was being thrown overboard by five crew members with the broken leg stuck in an undescribed body cavity.” – Kevin L

And the winner is…

“This all started by tryin to move the chair closer to the table, but what gary didn’t tell him is the chair is bolted down!!! hahaha” – Jeff H

Congratulations to Jeff for winning the caption contest! He just won $50 for the Humane Society. Way to go Jeff!!!

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