Cold Weather and Security Cameras

Picture of an Ice Covered Security CameraEvery year summer gives way to fall and the leaves change. Every fall gives way to winter and many places turn from gold and orange to snow white. With each winter comes hot chocolate, lighting the fireplace, and the question “Will my camera work when my thermometer freezes solid?” The simple answer is yes.

All cameras have an operating temperature specification from the manufacturer. You may experience temperatures in your area below the camera’s specified operating temperature. While we cannot guarantee the cameras will operate in every temperature your area may experience, we can tell you that it’s hardly ever a problem. There have been a couple of cases in remote sections of Alaska where a camera has temporarily quit working – until the temperature warmed up and then it started working again. Even in those cases a little insulation resolved the problem. Short of those extremes low outdoor temperatures have not been an issue with the thousands of cameras that DSC has sold across the country and Canada.

The same cannot be said for DVRs however. Digital video recorders should always be installed in a climate controlled location.

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