Introduction To Security Camera Installation (Video)

Introduction To Security Camera Installation – Part 1 Introduction To Security Camera Installation – Part 2 Introduction To Security Camera Installation – Part 3 Introduction To Security Camera Installation – Part 4 Introduction To Security Camera Installation – Part 5 Introduction To Security Camera Installation – Part 6


Viewing A Digital Video Recorder Over The Internet

Remote Viewing of Digital Video Recorders SetupThe DVR needs to be directly connected to the Internet. This means if someone tries to connect to the static or dynamic TCP/IP address of that DVR, there would be nothing blocking or preventing the connection from being made. Such as a firewall. If you tell your Internet Service […]


Using A Portable CCTV Test Monitor

If you are installing more than just the occasional camera or if one of your responsibilities is maintaining a video surveillance system, then there is a tool out there just waiting for you to discover. Let me be the first to introduce you to the advantages of using a portable CCTV test monitor like the […]


Maintaining Your DVR

With the breakneck speed of ever improving technology it is getting easier to get more results with less work. I have not memorized a phone number in years. In fact if it weren’t for spell check you may think an eight year old was putting these words to screen. When we don’t use things we […]


Springtime CCTV System Maintenance

Here in Florida, temperatures are on the rise, shorts and flip flops have resumed daily fashion, and the beach is getting busier every weekend. It’s official… Spring is has sprung. This is the time of year we knock off the winter dust, spruce up the yard, and perform a thorough inspection of our Video Surveillance […]

Picture of example camera lens zooms

Determining Optimal Camera Lens Size

When you are walking through a camera installation site and deciding what cameras to put where, keep in mind that your eyes do not perceive an image in the same size as a camera will. Most standard cameras have a ‘fixed’ 3.6mm lens. This will give a camera about a 90 degree field of view. […]


How To Install A Camera On A Drop Ceiling Tile

One question I get on a fairly regular basis is “How do I secure a camera on a drop ceiling tile?” The answer is, it depends on your camera. Let’s face it; drop ceiling tiles are not the sturdiest surface to attach anything of any significant weight to. The big fear is mounting a camera, […]