Springtime CCTV System Maintenance

Here in Florida, temperatures are on the rise, shorts and flip flops have resumed daily fashion, and the beach is getting busier every weekend. It’s official… Spring is has sprung. This is the time of year we knock off the winter dust, spruce up the yard, and perform a thorough inspection of our Video Surveillance […]


Power Supplies With Thermal Fuses vs. Glass Fuses

Discount Security Cameras upgraded all of their multi-channel 12V DC power supplies (DPWR910UL, DPWR1820UL & DPWR1824AC-UL) from glass fuses to thermal fuses. This is a great improvement in the products. The way glass fuses work is that when they heat up (from power overload), the glass contains a thin metal strip that fails (melts apart) at a predetermined […]

Picture of example camera lens zooms

Determining Optimal Camera Lens Size

When you are walking through a camera installation site and deciding what cameras to put where, keep in mind that your eyes do not perceive an image in the same size as a camera will. Most standard cameras have a ‘fixed’ 3.6mm lens. This will give a camera about a 90 degree field of view. […]

Picture of an Ice Covered Security Camera

Cold Weather & Security Cameras

Every year summer gives way to fall and the leaves change. Every fall gives way to winter and many places turn from gold and orange to snow white. With each winter comes hot chocolate, lighting the fireplace, and the question “Will my camera work when my thermometer freezes solid?” The simple answer is yes. All […]


Plug & Play vs. RG-59 Cable

There is no doubt that plug & play cable is the quickest and easiest cable solution in the inventory. But easiest does not always mean best. While there is nothing wrong with the plug and play option, it is not designed for cameras with higher power needs such as long range infrared cameras or PTZ […]


5 More Common Mistakes In Security Camera System Design

This is a follow up to our post “5 Most Common Mistakes in Security Camera System Design” outlining additional common mistakes… 1. Buying cheap equipment There is plenty of poorly made equipment on the CCTV market these days. We know this because we reject 90% of the manufacturer samples that come across our test bench. […]

Picture of the Front of an Infrared Camera

How Does Infrared Work?

A few weeks ago I posted on the topic of infrared cameras behind glass. Since then I have received questions of what exactly infrared is and how it works on surveillance cameras. The simple answer is it is a high intensity light built into the camera that sends out light in a frequency the human […]

Picture of an Infrared Reflection in a Window

Infrared Behind Glass

I don’t know too many people that love to get up in the attic or climb under the house to run cables. In fact, I would venture to say that I don’t know anyone that enjoys this project. However, it is a necessary part of installing a camera. In an attempt to avoid running cable […]